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1, to serve as the basis, to the quality of survival, technology and development
2, customer first, service and thoughtful; quality first, technology leader
3, enterprise development, service for the present; quality service, honesty
4, the customer is God, God is the enterprise, more customers, more prosperous business
5, customer first, technology first, unity, truth-seeking and pragmatic
6, do practical things, seeking effective, creating a first-class service brand, tree perfect corporate image
7, high quality service, high technical innovation, high speed development
8, dedication, pioneering spirit, innovation, service in the future
9, dedication, innovation, service, class struggle
10, enterprise and market synchronization, management and the world
11, with the intention to innovation, competition can develop
12, pioneering and innovative, based on the market for development; quality, efficient, service for the user
13, based on talent and technology to create the best products and services
14, excellent team professional service
15, 5S service concept - smile, speed, integrity, skills, professional
16, with our sincere smile in exchange for customer satisfaction with our services
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